Welcome to the Shade

Under the pen-name David Belltower, Dave Marsh has released his first novel: The Solstice Treaty, a supernatural thriller/urban fantasy.

In the small town of Beaver Hollow, West Virginia, forester Mark Steele has experienced the same reoccurring vision since he was a boy − one that foreshadows a towering tree, menacing premonitions and his own suffocating demise. Tess McCoy is a former captain in the United States Army, harbors a debilitating secret and can’t get far enough from her mountain roots to save her life.

When a mystifying accident takes the life of Tess’ younger brother, a series of preternatural events are set into motion, propelling the former lovers from the oak-lined streets of the sleepy West Virginia town to the ever-changing seasons of an aberrant land – a wondrous otherworld called the Shade.

Here, within this tethered realm, Mark and Tess find themselves caught in an endless war that rages between two fabled demigods – a war that threatens to crest its mythical borders and pour without mercy into our own.

“For those of you looking for fantasy-with-a-difference, Belltower delivers the goods.” -Nancy A. Collins, award-winning author of Right Hand Magic

“I can’t say enough great things about this book and what a fun, wild ride it was! I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to read, period. You won’t be disappointed!” -Dr. Shay Fabro, Fantasy Book Review