Quests of Shadowgate


Quests of Shadowgate is a 2-4 player card game based on the world of Shadowgate and created by Middle Earth Card Game designer Coleman Charlton. Currently the game is only available to those Kickstarter backers who pledged to the Enchanter tier. However, it may be available for purchase at some time in the future.


In Quests of Shadowgate, you are a member of a band of adventurers. A powerful Lord has tasked you to recover the legendary Staff of Ages. To complete this quest, your band needs to acquire specific items and 3 artifacts that can be combined to form the Staff of Ages. However, you and your fellows are mercenaries—and victory goes to the richest. You will be tempted to grab extra treasure by taking minor quests as you search the labyrinth of Shadowgate. In addition, the Lord has promised extra rewards for the first to acquire each type of item and artifact.

You might even try to cut your fellows out of the loop by completing the Staff of Ages. If you are devious and lucky enough, you can let the others gather the lion’s share of the items while you grab the artifacts and complete the quest by yourself.


Thanks so much to Chris Gaizat and 317films for the great tutorials and demos!



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Base Game Rule Set (PDF)

Standard Game Rule Set (PDF)


Base Tutorial 

Standard Tutorial

Base Game Demo

Standard Game Demo