Updated on 6/6/14 (2:04pm)


This is not the complete list of bugs/tweak but the ones we wanted you to know that we are aware of…

  1. Torch: Getting perma-torch after dying after first death OR the UI shows a full torch but the rooms are dark.
  2. Key command: Autosave seems to be having issues.
  3. UI: Back arrow can briefly change graphical states.
  4. UI: Commands – some clicks not registering.
  5. Map: There is some wonkiness with rooms or room notes not appearing on a reload or a room appearing from an earlier game.
  6. Map: Using a hotkey to open the map will open a black screen
  7. Map: Discussing addition of mouse wheel support
  8. Animations: Various animations are still being tweaked or overhauled completely.
  9. Text Box: There may be some overlap of text.
  10. Text Box: We are discussing various ways on how the ‘Click to continue’ event is shown to the player.
  11. Text: We’ve done one big pass on text but there are surely grammatical errors and such.
  12. Objects: Some objects may not glow.
  13. Objects: The object selection glow is being tweaked to work with all colored objects.
  14. Sound effects: We are experimenting with various button clicks and are aware that some buttons don’t have clicks.
  15. Sound effects: Double clicking an object produces two selection sounds.
  16. Sound effects: Many room sounds still need to be added.
  17. Sound effects: Learning a spell is too loud.
  18. Hardware: Game may crash when using dual monitors in full screen mode – this needs to be tested on more machine.