Who We Are

Zojoi is a small gaming company, tucked into the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of central Virginia and led by industry veterans Dave Marsh and Karl Roelofs. The duos first title, Shadowgate, premiered on the upstart Apple Macintosh in 1987 and became an instant classic, helping to define the first-person adventure genre. They went on to port Shadowgate and the other “MacVentures” (Déjà vu, Déjà vu II, The Uninvited) to no less than 10 platforms including the NES and Color Gameboy. Zojoi is devoted to bringing both the original games and new games based on these and other exciting properties to many gaming platforms!

Dave Marsh

Working as the artist and art director for ICOM Simulations, Dave was instrumental in bringing the first-person adventure genre to prominence. While at ICOM, he helped design and illustrate Shadowgate as well as the ports for all the “MacVentures”. He also served as art director for the ground-breaking full-motion video adventure/mystery games Sherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveDracula Unleashed and many Looney Toons titles. On the side, when he wasn’t playing D&D, Dave did freelance work for FASA Corporation, providing illustrations for both their Battletech and Dr. Who role playing expansion books.

Dave continued making games for Viacom, Paramount, MTV and Nickelodeon before entering the massively multiplayer space, working as producer/executive producer on PC games such as Aliens OnlineMultiplayer Battletech, and Starship Troopers Online. Before returning to his true passion – adventure and mystery games – Dave was the creative director for a casino gaming company, publishing over 150 gaming titles over the course of seven years. In 2011, under the pen name David Belltower, Dave wrote an urban fantasy called The Solstice Treaty. See a list of many of Dave’s game titles here.


Karl Roelofs

Karl Roelofs has no less than 27 years in the game industry, having first designed Shadowgate for ICOM and then continued to provide artwork and design for multiple versions of the ground-breaking adventure series. Karl went on to design games for ICOM/Viacom for upcoming platforms including a number of Warner Bros. Titles like Road Runner’s Death Valley RallyBugs Bunny’s Rabbit Rampage and Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions for Super Nintendo.

After leaving Viacom, Karl led teams for Konami, Kesmai and Mayfair Games, working on computer versions of Pinky and the Brain, Air Warrior 3MV and Settlers of Catan, the fastest selling board game in the world. Most recently Karl has been working for Video Gaming Technologies and is excited to once again be bringing his design skills to Zojoi’s lineup of adventure and mystery games! See a list of many of Karl’s game titles here.